Known Issues

Twitter Cards for Profiles and Playlists: Twitter Cards are only working 100% for individual videos right now. Issue involves meta for the description and images not being pulled properly for playlists and profiles despite the description image tag existing in the head. (Priority: MEDIUM)


Video time has to be manually input for videos uploaded: This is how PHP Melody works by default, as it's built to work on shared hosting and up, and shared hosts do not have ffmpeg. The software allows for use of ffmpeg on servers to grab things like video time and thumbnails a la Youtube. This can be coded in ourselves (hard), or we can purchase an add-on from the community to accomplish this (easy). (Priority: LOW)


Bits and pieces of the site do not match colors: Purely a "I need the time to poke the CSS more" issue. I've done some more basic tweaks, but will be customizing the site more in the future. (Priority: LOW)


If you notice anything weird, any bugs, or have any feature requests then please contact us.