Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are a way of generating revenue and promotion by partnering with a company. You are likely familiar with this from Youtube creators that have calls to action to sign up for free trials of services like Netflix, or Amazon’s Audible. These partnerships allow creators to offer services and products they feel secure in offering and believe are relevant to their audience

As of February 24th 2017 we have decided to partner with Play-Asia, a video game importer and retailer, and make use of their affiliate network. We want to be careful in how we use this, though. So don’t expect to see it on every page on the site.

Currently we are placing affiliate banners only on our video site and on the streaming sections of our main site, SuperNerdLand, as a way to help expand our custom video hosting and streaming solutions. You can find more information on Play-Asia’s affiliation program here.

In addition to generating revenue to help expand our custom streaming and video hosting, Play-Asia partners receive a store credit monthly (based on affiliate performance) to purchase products for promotion. Any game titles, hardware, or other products covered on the site in this way will be disclosed up front and in the title of any article or VOD.