Godzilla vs Gigan: Abridged


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Added by Ace

Eric Kain is a lewd artist trying to get big in the Japanese hentai industry but his obsession with Traps holds him back. This attracts the attention of business savvy Turks however and Eric is soon tasked with making a simple commission with no penis.

Follow Eric and friends as they go on an adventure to find: The Good Life.

AKA:  How Ace Went Mad And Made An Hour Long Shitpost.


Ace - A. Johnson/King G/Misc https://twitter.com/SuperiorEditMan
Kab - Eric Kain https://twitter.com/soulofkab
OptimusDeadpool - Godzilla https://twitter.com/OptimusDeadpool
Martyr - Helen https://twitter.com/SuperNerdMartyr
Rina - Susie Kain https://twitter.com/Rinaxas
Miserable SamoanAngerius / King G  https://twitter.com/P1neapple_Man
DocBray/SuperNerdLand - Jooshuleon / Misc https://twitter.com/SuperNerdLand
Flaps - Gigan https://twitter.com/FCFlaps
Kaleb - Kalereon / Guard https://twitter.com/KalebPrime
Capa - King G https://twitter.com/AussieCapo
Mike - Misc https://twitter.com/SuperNerdMike
Surprise Guests:
Fetusberry CrunchAngerius Sr https://twitter.com/Fetusberry
Birb - Misc Guard https://twitter.com/KaijuKestral

The Original GvG:A cut has been replaced
[With this the planned CAD Promo dub which was finished and sent to Mike]

Patch Notes: GvG:A 2.0 Cleaner Cut : Uploaded on Feb. 18th 2019 at 6:12 AM
-Removed Kab's actual Trap drawing [Jarring and didn't fit] / fade out and in added instead
-Changed a few swipes to hard cuts
-Made Kaleb's nice jacket moment a bit faster
-Kaleb's lines cleaned and brought up some DB's.
-Xavier's Lines brought up a smidgen [Might not be super noticeable they were at that level for a reason in the first place]
-Ang. Firework scene lines brought up in DB's.
-Misc lines futzed with
-Graphical oddities fixed
-Cleaned a bit of Jooshuleon's lines.
-Left and Right panning for SFX in Fireworks scene are back [Missing before]
-Capa's "Later homo" moved slightly left and more prominent than before. 
-Capa de-Mickey Mouse'd [Pitch error] [Gigan scene]
-Removed random "Lmao fags." from Ace
-"Let's Roll" water DB's dropped.
-Ang. Sr. Doesn't clip in with Godzilla 54
-New proper credit scroll
-Some uses of "Eric" slightly futzed with. 
-Shaved off 14 seconds? 
-Boosted Big G's Bongo head SFX 
-Gigan's hands click 
-Minor SFX added in a few spots. 

Hopefully this is a better experience than before. [7 hour render again]

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